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Здоровий стиль життя

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Здоровий стиль життя

Цілі уроку: 1) Розвиток та актуалізація лексичних здібностей по теме «ЗОЖ»;

Teacher: Good morning, children! Hello! We often say these words when we meet each other. They sound differently in different languages. In Russian we say "Здрастуй!" In Chuvash we say "Ь 1 ра кун пултар!" In English we say "Good morning!" In German we say "Guten Tag!" By greeting we wish each other health. So I say to everybody - to pupils, teachers, to all the quests of our lesson - Good morning! I am glad to see you.

Pupils: Good morning, Lyudmila Petrovna! We are glad to see you too!

Teacher: I am glad that you are all well, that you are fine today. Can you tell me what is the most

Of course, it is life, it is health. The theme of our lesson today is "Healthy way of Life". Today we are going to speak about what we must do to be healthy. I also want to see how you understand the words "Healthy way of life". I'd like to mention that the president of the Russian Federation VVPutin and the president of the Chuvash Republic NVFyedorov consider the propaganda of the healthy way of life very actual and important.

Teacher: Can you tell me which of these words belong to good habits and which to bad habits?

Now read the words which belong to bad habits and take them away using the duster.

They are all negative words, so let them disappear not only from the blackboard, but

from our lives too. What words are left? Yes, these are positive words, let's read them

Teacher: Let's watch now a short film in English. It's called "Fitness and Health".

Тест з перевірки переглянутого кінофільму (готовий тест закладений у мультимедійному підручнику).

Teacher: In order to see how well you understood the film let's write down a short test.

Teacher: Let's make now dialogues according to the theme of our lesson - the healthy way of life. Try to use words and expressions from the blackboard and from the film. Let your dialogues be either not too long or not too short. I give you four minutes.

Teacher (включаю тиху, розмірене музику): I think you are tired a little. Let's relax. Please, shut your eyes. Imagine you are at the Black Sea now. It is summer. The weather is wonderful. The sky is blue. The sun is shining. A light wind is blowing from the sea. The water in the sea is warm and pleasant. You are lying on the beach and enjoying all these wonderful things. You are quiet. You have no problems. You you're your family, your friends, your school, your teachers and they love you too. You are happy. You have a good spirit.

Teacher: Open your home-reading books on page 152, let's see how you well you have done your homework. (Завдання: види здорових продуктів харчування;

Teacher: Please, have a look at the blackboard. Here you see the proverbs which Russian and English people used to say from ancient times. Please, read and translate the first proverb. Who wants to do it? Now the second, the third.

From ancient times Russian people were strong and healthy people. It helped them to struggle with the difficulties of life. I have a question to you:

I liked especially the example given by ...: Strong people are those who can control themselves. If people can not control themselves they begin drinking alcohol, smoke, take drugs. And not only grown-ups, but also many teen-agers and even small children. Alcohol, cigarettes, drugs - these are things which spoil people's health.

Is it possible to make life interesting and happy without health?

Of course not. What is better - to be active and healthy or passive and ill?

Teacher: Today we have spoken about healthy way of life. I liked your answers, the way you have worked. I think you have done yourbest. I give you all excellent marks.

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